SMS OTP for NodeJS: Revolutionizing Authentication Method

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24 February 2024 5 mins read

In today's digital landscape, robust authentication is crucial. Traditional password-based methods often lack the necessary security, leaving users vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorized access. Thankfully, SMS OTP (One-Time Password) APIs for NodeJS by Phone Email offer a powerful solution, revolutionizing the authentication experience.

Phone.Email's innovative SMS OTP API for NodeJS empowers developers to seamlessly integrate secure, phone-based verification into their applications. This blog explores the key features, benefits, and integration steps to get you started

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Key Features of Phone.Email's SMS OTP API:

  1. Effortless Integration: PThe API seamlessly integrates with NodeJS applications, providing a straightforward and developer-friendly experience.
  2. Globally Accessible: Send SMS OTPs to users worldwide, ensuring wider reach and inclusivity for your application
  3. Cost-Effective: Benefit from competitive pricing plans, including a free tier for low-volume usage.
  4. Enhanced Security: Implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  5. Customization: Tailor the OTP experience with message templates, branding options, and language localization.
  6. Detailed Analytics: Gain valuable insights into user engagement and verification success rates with comprehensive analytics tools.

Introducing "Log in with Phone" Button:

Phone.Email's revolutionary "Log in with phone" button simplifies the SMS OTP process for your users. This pre-built button eliminates the need to send OTP to mobile in node js and verification manually, making it an ideal solution for quick and easy implementation.

Integration Steps
  1. Get Sign in Button Code To kickstart the integration process, developers must first navigate to the Admin Dashboard. provided by Phone Email. Within this interface, the HTML code for the sign-in button awaits. Copy this code snippet and embed it into the desired webpage. Notably, the code includes a JavaScript listener function named phoneEmailListener, which triggers upon successful phone number verification. Phone email
  2. Get Verified Phone Number: Upon successful verification, Phone Email returns a JSON file path containing crucial user information, including the verified phone number and country code. Developers can utilize this path, typically in backend technologies like Node JS, Python, PHP, or Java, to retrieve and process the verified phone number securely. Below is an example showcasing how to read a JSON file in Node JS:
    const https = require('https');
    const user_json_url = "URL_OF_YOUR_JSON_FILE";
    https.get(user_json_url, (res) => {
      let data = '';
      res.on('data', (chunk) => {
        data += chunk;
      res.on('end', () => {
        const jsonData = JSON.parse(data);
        const user_country_code = jsonData.user_country_code;
        const user_phone_number = jsonData.user_phone_number;
    }).on("error", (err) => {
      console.log("Error: " + err.message);

    You can find the code and detailed instructions here: Sign-in-with-Phone-NodeJS

Embrace the Future of Authentication with Phone.Email:

SMS OTP APIs for NodeJS represent a significant advancement in authentication security and user convenience. Phone.Email's solution, with its rich features, "Log in with phone" button, and straightforward integration, empowers developers to create secure and user-friendly applications.

Start your free trial today and experience the power of SMS OTP for NodeJS!

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By leveraging Phone.Email's SMS OTP API for NodeJS, you can transform your authentication process, build trust with your users, and ensure a secure and seamless experience for everyone involved.

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