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Free Email & Phone Verification

Email & Phone verification plugins offer a Free/cost-effective solution to verify user identity, enhancing data accuracy for businesses

Login with Phone button demo

  • Verify Email & Phone using Sign in button.
  • Inbuilt OTP/Passcode SMS API integration.
  • Customize the sign-in button as per your brand.
  • Integrate with any Log In or Registration form.
  • Get 1000 FREE SMS per month (For 6 months)
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How Sign in with Phone works?

Imagine the power of easy sign-in to impress your potential customers
with impressive on boarding emails.

Integration layout examples

Use Sign in with Phone button just like any social media/Gmail sign in button


Send automated On-boarding emails

Phone Email will create on-boarding Emails for your brand and will send it to all new users via Free SMS + Emails

Day 1 – Welcome Email

Send welcoming email to kickstart new users on-boarding journey.

Day 2 – Product or Service Introduction Email

Send branded product or service introduction email, showcasing your product's features and benefits.

Day 3 – Promotion/Offer Email

Send exclusive promotions and offers through another engaging email.

Day 4 – Feedback or Survey Email

Ask for user feedback, provide support/contact details, survey email.

Day 5 – User engagement emails

Continue the conversation with more user engagement email.

Treat your website visitors well with the best brand/product/service offering emails with configurable day wise schedule.

Impress your potential customers with a personalized, day-wise email schedule that aligns with your brand, product, or service. Elevate your customer onboarding experience and keep them engaged from day one.

Secure. Reliable. Fast

Simplify Authentication Effortlessly

Experience hassle-free and secure login with our Sign In with Phone feature.
Say goodbye to passwords and enjoy seamless access to your account using your mobile number.

  • Streamlined login process without passwords
  • Enhanced security through SMS verification
  • Quick access to accounts with mobile numbers
  • Reduced friction during registration and login
  • Personalized user experiences on websites
  • Elimination of password-related issues
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