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Free Email & Phone Verification

Email & Phone verification plugins offer a Free/cost-effective solution to verify user identity, enhancing data accuracy for businesses

Login with Phone button demo

  • Verify Email & Phone using Sign in button.
  • Inbuilt OTP/Passcode SMS API integration.
  • Customize the sign-in button as per your brand.
  • Integrate with any Log In or Registration form.
  • Get 1000 FREE SMS per month (For 6 months)
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How Sign in with Phone works?

Imagine the power of easy sign-in using email and phone numbers
to impress your potential customers.

Integration layout examples

Use Sign in with Phone button just like any social media/Gmail sign in button


How to integrate in your website

Follow simple integration steps to get verified phone number and email ids

Integrate Phone/Email verification button

Copy simple HTML/JS button code and paste in your website page

Get verified Phone/Email id

Simply retrieve the verified phone/email id from authenticated JSON URL

Create user in your database (optional)

After receiving verified phone/email id you can store them in your user database and create web session as per your requirement.

Secure. Reliable. Fast

Simplified Phone/Email Verification

Experience hassle-free and secure login with our Sign In with Phone feature.
Say goodbye to passwords and enjoy seamless access to your account using your phone number.

  • Streamlined login process without passwords
  • Enhanced security through SMS verification
  • Quick access to accounts with mobile numbers
  • Reduced friction during registration and login
  • Personalized user experiences on websites
  • Elimination of password-related issues
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