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30 May 2024 10 mins read

In today’s digital landscape, securing user authentication is paramount. Traditional methods like passwords are increasingly vulnerable to breaches. To enhance security and simplify user login processes, Phone Email has developed an innovative solution: the "Sign in with Email" button powered by EMAIL OTP API. This tool not only enhances security through OTP (One-Time Password) verification but also streamlines the user experience by allowing quick and easy email authentication with the Verify email process.

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Using Phone Email's "Sign in with Email" button offers numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: By using OTPs sent to users' email addresses, the plugin ensures that only the rightful owner of the email can gain access.
  2. Simplified User Experience: Users can log in with just one click and an OTP, eliminating the need for remembering complex passwords.
  3. No Cost: This service is free, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to implement secure email verification.
  4. Seamless Integration: The plugin is designed to integrate smoothly with various websites, requiring minimal effort for setup.
  5. Real-time Verification: Ensures that email addresses are verified instantly, reducing the risk of fake or mistyped email entries. The Email OTP API provides immediate feedback on email verification status.
  6. Improved User Trust: Users are more likely to trust a site that uses secure and reliable login methods.

Implementing the "Sign in with Email" button is straightforward. Here’s how you can integrate it into your website:

Integration Steps:
  1. Get Sign in Button Code Start by logging into the Admin Dashboard. provided by Phone Email. Once logged in, locate the “Button settings” section for generating the “Log in with Email” button. The first step in integrating the “Sign in with Email” button is to add the necessary HTML and JavaScript code to your website. This code will display the email verification button and handle the verification process once the user’s email has been authenticated. Email OTP API, Free Email OTP Service, Email Verification, Email Authentication, Passcode API, Email Passcode Verification, Email OTP Verification, Verify Email
    <div class="pe_verify_email" data-client-id="YOUR_CLIENT_ID"> <script src="https://www.phone.email/verify_email_v1.js" async> </script> </div>
        function phoneEmailReceiver(userObj){
            var user_json_url = userObj.user_json_url;
            var user_email_id = userObj.user_email_id;
            alert('SUCCESS !!\nYour email id '+user_email_id+' has been authenticated.');
            // You can submit your form here or redirect user to post login dashboard page
            // Send user_json_url to your backend to retrieve user info (i.e. email id) from this URL.
        } </script> 
  2. Get Verified Email ID (Backend) For enhanced security, you must implement this step in your application backend. The supplied user_json_url (Example - https://user.phone.email/user_abcxd123fgbfg43454.json) in the phoneEmailReceiver JavaScript function contains the necessary data.
    You can read the authenticated email ID from the JSON URL using any backend technology like PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, etc. Here is an example using PHP to get the email from user_json_url.
    // Assuming $user_json_url contains the URL path
    $json_data = file_get_contents($user_json_url);
    $data = json_decode($json_data, true);
    $user_email_id = $data['user_email_id'];
    // Now you can use $user_email_id as needed


What is OTP or passcode?

An OTP (One-Time Password) or passcode API is a service that generates and sends unique codes to users for authentication purposes. These codes are typically sent to a user's email or mobile device and are valid for only a single login session or transaction. This method enhances security by ensuring that only the person with access to the registered email or phone number can complete the authentication process. The use of OTPs helps to prevent unauthorised access, making it a crucial component in multi-factor authentication systems.

What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is the process of verifying that an email address is valid and belongs to the user attempting to log in or perform a secure transaction. It typically involves sending a verification link or an OTP to the user’s email address, which they must use to confirm their identity.

How “Sign in with Email” works?

The "Sign in with Email" button works by embedding a verification button on a client’s website. When a user clicks the button, a popup window appears, prompting the user to enter an OTP sent to their email. Once the OTP is verified, the user is redirected back to the client’s website, and their email ID is confirmed via a JSON URL.

How Email OTP verification works?

Email OTP verification involves sending a unique, time-sensitive code to a user’s email. The user must enter this code into the verification prompt to confirm their identity. This method ensures that the person attempting to log in or perform a secure action is the actual owner of the email address.

Phone Email’s "Sign in with Email" button provides a robust, secure, and user-friendly solution for OTP verification. By integrating this free service, businesses can enhance their security measures, streamline user authentication, and foster trust with their users. Whether you're a developer looking to implement a secure login system or a business aiming to verify customer emails effortlessly, the "Sign in with Email" button is an invaluable tool.

For more information and detailed documentation, visit the Phone Email Admin Dashboard and read the docs.

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